Wireless World Research Forum Meeting 40
31 May - 1 June, 2018 in Durban, South Africa

Theme "5G and Broadband Connectivity for All"

WWRF, in collaboration with CSIR, one of the leading African research institutes, is organizing its 40th Forum meeting on “5G and Broadband connectivity for All”. The fifth generation (5G) mobile communications standard is expected to profoundly transform the ICT and telecommunications landscape globally. Research, requirement analysis and initial standardization work towards the 5th generation of cellular systems have now been under way for a few years.

However, voices are being raised that the use cases and contextual attributes that underpin the initial 5G research and standardization cater mostly to societies in developed economies. Questions then arise on the impact of the 5th Generation of wireless standards to improve broadband connectivity of underserved regions globally.

The WWRF40 meeting therefore invites academia, industry and research organizations to submit research papers and results that address the issues in 5G technologies, with potential to address the demand for affordable broadband, taking into consideration the unique features of the ICT infrastructure, policy and operating environment in emerging markets (e.g. of Africa).

The meeting aims to provide a forum for a vibrant discussion on the role of 5G technologies in maximizing transformational opportunities by integrating appropriate innovations in spectrum utilization, network infrastructure, regulatory frameworks and business models, with the goal of enabling digital inclusion and industrialization in Africa and the achievement of sustainable socio-economic development goals.


Please find the meeting programme here >>>