Working Group A

User Needs & Requirements; Services, and Devices, in a Wireless World


Chair: Prof.Knud-Eric Skouby, Aalborg Uninversity, Denmark


To promote a secure communications environment across multiple Socio-Economic settings based on user needs and requirements


WGA is focused on discovering and promoting research areas that strive to understand the needs for and requirements to wireless future internet systems. The activities are based on the understanding that users are driving the creation and design of new, emerging applications and services in a secure environment. This includes the ‘direct’, traditional user requirements area: how the users are driving the creation and design of new, emerging services in a secure environment and how users will interact with devices, systems and applications in the Wireless World. It also includes ‘indirect’ user requirements in the form of ‘M2M’ communications. There is thus recognized an Increasing socio-economic impact on the Wireless development where the Future Internet will represent an increasing fusion between the digital and the physical world. User acceptance of this development requires attention to data protection, privacy and ethical issues. WGA addresses these challenges and investigates the sphere of user requirements and interaction between users, devices, systems and applications and studies the elements of viable business models under different socio-economic conditions.

Focus areas

  • Methods, processes and best practices for user-centred research and design
  • Reference frameworks for modeling user needs within the context of wireless future internet systems
  • Identification of relevant future services and applications based analyses of user needs/ requirements and user experiences
  • Approaches and tools for creating new, sustainable applications, services and service infrastructures
  • User scenario creation and analysis
  • User interaction technologies
  • The needs of users, operators, service providers and other players for secure and trustworthy wireless systems incl security requirements and privacy concerns in context-sensing environments
  • Visions on services, applications and needed infrastructures related to the wireless Future Internet (FI) era
  • User centric Identity Management Systems
  • Studies of user requirements for, and usage of, wireless technologies by particular user groups, in different geographical or socio-economic contexts incl. emerging economies
  • Studies the spectrum requirements needed to make services available where needed by users (e.g., no home/ work distinction)
  • Development of viable business models based on user needs and requirements incl. impact of loss of reputation and trust to business models