• Working Group 6G Vision and Technologies

Working Group 6G Vision and Technologies


Chairs: Prof. Sudhir Dixit, Basic Internet Foundation and University of Oulu, sudhir.dixit@ieee.org,

Simon Fletcher, Real Wireless, simon.fletcher@real-wireless.com


To peer into what is next to come after 5G (B5G) leading to the development of the  standards for 6G, required research into the enabling technologies and how it is likely to be  commercialized. Nothing succeeds without the compelling use cases, applications, and innovations in business models; therefore, this group will also be vigilant about these non-technical aspects to augment its work on technologies and standards to present a holistic view of the launch of the 6G era.


The 6G Vision and Technologies Group focuses on research that looks five to ten years ahead in order to meet the requirements of the networks in the year 2030 time-frame. The group looks into the gaps in 5G that would need to be filled, resulting into incremental changes to 5G, called B5G until such time that clear requirements of 6G have been determined and needed research areas identified.  The group also aims to study the emerging new use cases that will require 6G, and the potentially novel business models to justify investments that will be needed.


  • Leverage academic research to develop technologies for B5G and 6G that drive and/or complement the standards activities
  • Provide relevant input from/to the stakeholders in order to maximize the advantages of B5G and 6G while addressing concerns with respect to security, trust and privacy
  • Develop WWRF as a bridge between the various stakeholders to provide input to help prepare for standardization
  • Develop ideas and concepts on how 6G will likely impact the various industry verticals, facilitating the telecom and vertical industries to jointly discuss the vision, usage scenarios and technical requirements
  • Develop use cases and study any gaps that may need to be addressed
  • Develop use cases and technical requirements for 5G and beyond support of the connected car and associated industries,
  • Work with other relevant global organizations with similar visions and interests as those of the WWRF
  • Publish white papers, articles and speak at the various leading networking events.

Areas of focus

  • Use cases or killer applications
  • All technology areas related to networking and adjacencies, such as AI, ML, blockchain
  • Evolution of networking to cloud and IT technologies, including SDN, virtualization, edge computing
  • IoT, M2M and M2H communications
  • Network management, operations support and administration
  • Community and federated architectures
  • Intersection of B5G and 6G with SDG goals to bridge the digital divide
  • Network sharing concepts
  • Green communications
  • Business models
  • Regulatory and policy related ideas and issues
  • Authentication, security and trust
  • Reliability and QoS.


The major companies, universities and organizations active in 5G, B5G and 6G are most welcome to join the 6G Working group.