• VIP WG 5G E/M Health & Wearables

Vertical Industry Platform 5G E/M Health & Wearables


Chair: Dr Costas Danas on e/m-Health Systems K.Danas@kingston.ac.uk


Develop an e/m-Health and wearables vertical industry paradigm to expose the requirements of such systems (HaaS) to be 5G enabled. Get the experts from this vertical industry involved in the WWRF VIP and beyond.


The objectives of the e/m-Health and wearables Vertical Industry Platform (VIP) are to:

  1. Develop Application Scenarios
  2. Identify User Requirements, i.e. Develop a Framework for Successful HaaS Systems
  3. Identify Technical Requirements in collaboration with third parties (5G PPP, ITU-R, 3GPP, IEEE, ETSI) and e/m-Health and wearables stakeholders
  4. Provide business cases to demonstrate the new business models and value chains
  5. Prepare and demonstrate a 5G e/m-Health and wearables paradigm to wide audiences and stakeholders in Europe and beyond

Figure 1. 5G in e/m-Healthand wearables

The above objectives will be realised by investigating various evolutions in healthcare by selecting a specific domain and focusing on the following:

  • New care pathways (clinical processes)
  • Digital transformation of medical and pharmaceutical industries
  • Added value for healthcare data - big data in healthcare
  • Assisted living and prevention

Case study parameters (and KPIs)

  • 5G networks need to target:
    • low power consumption
    • cost efficiency
    • flexibility for future evolutions
  • But healthcare and wearables use cases will require:
    • homogenous experience from outdoor to deep-indoor
    • higher typical throughput per user/ application
    • Smart IoT
    • High security
    • Ultra Low Cost deployments
    • Emergency management
  • Develop Application scenarios (define, specify, develop)
  • User Requirements (identify stakeholders and industry players needs)
  • Technology Requirements in collaboration with WWRF stakeholders and partners
  • Include the e/m-Health and wearables VIP in the 5GIA pre-structuring model and create further collaborations with the 5G PPP

Stakeholders approached (and we have positive feddback)

  • Kingston University London, UK
  • Huawei, China
  • Orange, France
  • Cosmote, Greece
  • Real Wireless, UK
  • NHS Foundation Trust, UK
  • AHEPA Hospital, Greece
  • University of Sheffield, UK
  • Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH), Greece
  • Stanford University, USA
  • Intel, US and Germany
  • Vidavo, Greece
  • CTTC, Spain
  • 5G PPP – 5GIA (VIA)
  • 3GPP
  • EETT (Hellenic Telecoms and Posts Commission), Greece
  • Beijing University of Posts and Telecoms (BUPT), China