Vertical Industry Platform Connected Vehicles


Chair: Prof Seshadri Mohan,Systems Engineering Department, EIT 546, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Vice-Chair: Dr. Nigel Jefferies, Chair WWRF,


WWRF delivered presentations at the meeting on 9th of September 2020 of ITU-T Collaboration on ITS. Prof Mohan represented the VIP CV WG, made a short presentation and provided a summary report.


The Vertical Industry Platform (VIP) focuses on research that looks five to ten years ahead in order to meet the requirements of the automotive and transport industries based on the next generation wireless technology. It also is aimed at the identification of use cases for these industries.


  • Leverage academic research to develop technologies for connected vehicles (CV) that complement developments in standards bodies.
  • Provide relevant input to government in order to maximize the advantages of CV technologies while addressing concerns with respect to security and privacy.
  • Develop WWRF as a bridge between the automotive industries and industry organizations such as 5GAA and the wireless standards organizations (such as 3GPP) to provide input to help prepare for standardization.
  • Create a better understanding in the automotive industries of the potential and capabilities of future wireless technologies.
  • Enable the telecom and automotive industries to jointly discuss the vision, usage scenarios, requirements and enabling technologies to achieve the targets of future vertical industry communications in 5G and beyond.
  • Develop use cases and study any gaps that may need to be addressed with respect to existing and evolving standards (e.g., DSRC) for the support of connected car and associated industries
  • Develop use cases and technical requirements for 5G and beyond support of the connected car and associated industries,
  • Work with the global automotive industry to highlight and develop opportunities enabled by 5G and beyond
  • Provide relevant and timely input to standardization process (3GPP primarily, also ITU-T and ETSI)


The major companies, universities and organizations active in the area of V2X, including China Mobile, Intel, the Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders (SMMT), ITU CITS, King’s College London and Huawei have agreed to join this working group. Many telecom operators, vendors and car manufacturers have shown interests and some of them will join very soon.


Nigel Jefferies at the Future Networked Car seminar in Geneva on 8th of January 2018 with the titel "5G as an enabler for thesafety of vulnerable road users".