Vertical Industry Platform Future Business Models

Supported and enabled by 5G and Beyond wireless technologies


Chair: Professor Knud Erik Skouby, Vice Chair: Professor Peter Lindgren


The Vertical Industry Platform (VIP) focuses on research that looks five to ten years ahead on Business Models (BM´s)  supported and enabled by 5G and Beyond wireless technologies in order to meet the requirements of future Business Model Ecosystems (BMES). It also is aimed at the identification of user and business cases for these BM´s and BMES.


  • Leverage academic research to develop technologies for Multi Business Model Innovation (MBMI) that complement developments in standards bodies.
  • Provide relevant input to government in order to maximize the advantages of MBMI technologies while addressing concerns with respect to security, privacy, trust, speed of MBMI.
  • Develop WWRF as a bridge between the Future 5G wireless technologies, MBMI and the wireless standards organizations (such as ETSI and ITU) to provide input to help prepare for standardization.
  • Create a better understanding of MBMI in Businesses, BMES of the potential, competences needed, capabilities, risks of Business Models and BMES embedded with future wireless technologies.
  • Enable the telecom, businesses and representatives from different BMES´s to jointly discuss the vision, usage scenarios, customers, network, requirements and enabling technologies to achieve the targets of future vertical and horizontal BMES business and communications in 5G and beyond.
  • Develop use-, business-, BMES cases and study any gaps that may need to be addressed with respect to existing and evolving standards for the support of related BM´s, BMES´s
  • Develop use-, business-, BMEs- cases and technical requirements for future Sensing and Persuasive 5G and beyond BM´s and BMES
  • Provide relevant and timely input to standardization processes (IEEE, ITU and ETSI)


Companies, universities and organizations have shown interest in the activities and will be contacted after the approved launch.


Knud Erik Skouby
Center for Communication, Media and Information technologies
Aalborg University- Copenhagen
Post: AC Meyers Vænge 15; DK-2450 Copenhagen SV  Denmark
Visit: Frederikskaj Bldg.12, 3.Floor
Tel: +45 9940 7197

Peter Lindgren
Professor, PhD - Multi Business Model Innovation and Technology, Vice-president CTIF Global Capsule
Aarhus University
School of Business and Social Sciences
Birk Centerpark 15, Office: CGC LAB
DK-7400 Herning – Denmark
T: +45 29442211/ +45 23425504