Wireless World Research Forum Meeting 46
1st - 3rd of December, 2021 in Paris, France

From Connecting Things to Connected Intelligence

The Wireless World Research Forum plans to contribute towards the development of a smart mobile communication eco-system beyond 5G.  The widespread introduction of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is foreseen to provide a strong impetus towards improved network performance and cost-efficiency for current and even more for next generation mobile systems. Beyond 5G, services and networks will be managed more autonomously and are expected to offer increased flexibility and adaptability everywhere. Networks and applications need to become more intelligent, self-learning and context dependent. AI’s potential impact on consumer, society and industry-relevant aspects for end-to-end communication systems and uses cases will be tremendous. Future Cognitive Communication Systems are envisioned to be continuously learning, self-optimizing and capable of transitioning from just connecting humans and things - to connecting, sensing and actuating on everything - intelligently and in a purpose driven manner.

WWRF invites you to be a part of designing the future, by joining us for three days of wide-ranging discussions, presentations, innovative brainstorming and expert-level networking.

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Meeting Programme & Presentations, Videos

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The presentations of the meeting are only available for participants of WWRF 46 and members of WWRF. In December 2022 they will be public.


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Najwa Aaraj, Chief Researcher at the Cryptography Research Centre at the Technology Innovation Institute
Prof. Angeliki Alexiou, University of Piräeus
Bernhard Barani
Prof. Jean-Claude Belfiore, Huawei
Prof. Mehdi Bennis, University of Oulu
Prof. Ersi Chorti, ENSEA
Prof. Merouane Debbah, Chief Researcher at the Technology Innovation Institute (Abu Dhabi, UAE) and Director of the Lagrange Center (Paris)
Anita Döhler, CEO and Member of the Board NGMN Alliance
Prof. Mathias Fink, ESPCI
Prof. David Gesbert, Professor and Head of the Communication Systems Department, EURECOM
Professor Harald Haas, University of Strathclyde
Dr. Antonis Gotsis, Feron Technologies
Eric Hardouin, Head of Orange R&D
Dr. Jakob Hoydis, NVIDIA
Dr. Nigel Jefferies, Huawei
Dr. Volker Jungnickel, Fraunhofer, Heinrich Hertz Institute
Professor Marcos Katz, Centre for Wireless Communications, University of Oulu
Prof. LEE, HyeonWoo, DanKook University, Korea
Jean-Paul Linnartz, University of Technology Eindhoven
Professor Tomas Little, Boston University
Prof. Enrico Natalizio, LORIA laboratory at the University de Lorraine, France
Dr. Werner Mohr, WWRF Fellow
Prof. Ana Isabel Pérez-Neira, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
Prof. Luca Sanguinetti, University of Pisa
Prof. Geoffrey Ye Li, Imperial College London
Dr. Tong Wen, CTO, Wireless Network, Huawei Technologies
Dr. Mikko Uusitalo, Nokia Bell Labs Finnland
Prof. Vimal Bhatia, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)
Prof. Anne Julien-Vergonjanne, University of Limoges
Prof. Takaya Yamazato, Nagoya University, Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences,

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