WWRF 43, October 2019 in London, UK

"Intelligent Applications for a 5G Connected World"

It is well recognized that the need for fast access to information and data forms an integral part of life in the present day “digital world”. The availability of “fast, uniform, reliable and cost effective” connectivity anywhere, anytime for (human) users on the move is essential for enabling the ultimate user experience. Applications around Machine to Machine (M2M) communications and Internet of Things (IoT) would further enhance the user experience and transform industries and organizations. With the time-frame of deployment of 5G just around the corner in 2020, it is about time to seriously look into intelligent applications for 5G.

The meeting programme is available here

Presentations of the meeting

DAY 1, 9th of October

Opening Session

Opening Speech
Nigel Jefferies, Chair of WWRF

Intelligent applications for whom? Does everything have to be Smart?  Views from the underworld…
Tim Unwin, Royal Holloway University of London

Plenary Session 2 – The Future of Networks

Beyond 5G, the WWRF view
Sudhir Dixit, WWRF

What is Next?
Rahim Tafazolli, University of Surrey

Future Networks Architecture:Thinking out of the Box
Dimitra Simeonidou, University of Bristol


5G, Net Neutrality, Network Slicing, Network Function Virtualization, Data prioritization Szymon
Izydorek,University of Aalborg

Consent cookies: perceptions and misperceptions – focusing on the user side of GDPR
Lene T Sørensen, University of Aalborg

The next Frontier in Financial Inclusion, beyond the Kenyan Success Story and Lessons for Ghana: An Actor Network Perspective
Julius Asamoah Yaw, University of Aalborg


Joint Reflecting and Precoding Designs for SER Minimization in Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces Assisted MIMO Systems
Jia Ye, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Saudi Arabia

Enabling Airborne Base Stations Using Tethered UAVs: System Configuration, Advantages, and Challenges
Mustafa A. Kishk, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Saudi Arabia

A SDR-based Platform for Heterogeneous IoT-Network Management
Mouna Ben Mabrouk,Altran Telecom & Media, France

Technical Trends on Over-the-Air Tests for 5G and Beyond
Tian Hong Loh, National Physical Laboratory, UK


Impact on Innovation of 5G Business Models
Peter Lindgren, University of Aarhus

Cross-border aspects of 5G Business Models
Idongesit Williams, University of Aalborg


Ultra Wideband MMWAVE for UMMIMO for 6G Networks
Hamed Al-Raweshidy, Brunel

Ultra-Massive MIMO Systems at Terahertz Bands: Prospects and Challenges
Alice Faisal, Effat University, Saudi Arabia

An overview of the Meteracom Project (Metrology for THz Communications)
David Humphreys National Physical Laboratory Teddington, UK

Ergodic capacity evaluation of wireless THz fiber extenders
Evangelos N. Papasotiriou, University of Piraeus

DAY 2,10th of October

EMW Workshop Title: Healthcare Delivery under the 5G Infrastructure: Experiences,
Challenges and Opportunities

Current Experience - The Case for Diabetes
Abdul Roudsari, University Of Victoria, Canada

Opportunities and Challenges - The NHS View
Cindy Fedel, Chief Digital and Information Officer, Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, UK

Medical Expectations “Time is Brain” - The Case of Head Strokes
Christos Bakirtzis, AHEPA University Hospital, Greece

Self-Management Platform for Chronic Respiratory Diseases through 5G-Enabled Monitoring and Training Approaches
Antonis Lalas, Information Technologies Institute Centre for Research and Technology Hellas, CERTH Thessaloniki, Greece

Ambulatory System - Innovate UK Project
Arsian Usman, Kingston University, UK

Plenary Session 5

Connected Vehicles
Sesh Mohan, UA Little Rock

6G research in Finland
Marcos Katz, University of Oulu


Security and Privacy in Connected Vehicles
Marcus Wong, Huawei, USA

Cybersecurity Aspects of 5G Connectivity in Smart Cities Ecosystem via Connected and Autonomous Vehicles Use Cases
Antonios Lalas, Information Technologies Institute, Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH), Greece

Real-Time V2V Communication with a Machine Learning-based System for Detecting Drowsiness of Drivers
Akshay Yewale, UA Little Rock, USA

Connected Vehicles White Paper II
Seshadri Mohan, UA Little Rock, USA

Plenary Session 6 - THz Technologies and Networks

Conquering the Terahertz Band: From Theory to Practice
Josep Jornet, Northeastern University, USA

6Gwireless: Wireless Networks Empowered by Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces
Marco di Renzo, CNRS, Franc

Architecture and implementation of THz communication systems at NPL
Irshaad Fatadin, NPL, UK

Metrology for components for THz communications at NPL
Mira Naftaly, NPL, UK


A multi-physics laboratory for the characterisation of RF components
Martin Salter, NPL, N3M-labs

Learn from Images: Deep Convolutional Neural Networks  or Mobile Edge Caching
Yantong Wang, KCL

BIAS mitigation methods for autonomous network functions in telecommunication networks
Premnath Narayanan, Ericssson