Wireless World Research Forum Meeting 44
29th June - 1st July 2020 in Copenhagen, Denmark

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Welcome to the 44th WWRF Meeting

Theme "The Road Ahead to Ubiquitous 5G"

It is well established that 5G will provide fast access to information and data. The full promise is availability of “fast, uniform, reliable and cost effective” connectivity anywhere, anytime for users on the move. Scenarios showing need and requirement in several industry verticals are demonstrated. To realize the promise there are, however challenges related generally to security, privacy and to sustainable business models for implementation with SME’s. With the deployment of 5G started in 2020, these challenges must be addressed.

Plenary Speakers

Confirmed speakers include: Rahim Tafazolli, University of Surrey; Mads Rasmussen, CTO Huawei, DK; Simon Saunders, OFCOM; Franck Boissière, EU CONNECT E4; Charles Brookson, ETSI ; SN Gupta, Blue Town India


WWRF being the leading platform for discussions and innovation at the global level is organizing its 44th meeting at Aalborg University, Copenhagen, Denmark, from 29 June to 1 July 2020. Whether a hybrid physical/online or an online-only arrangement is realized depends on the health authorities and the global situation. Currently a hybrid solution seems most likely: some may participate physically; others can and will participate online, but WWRF44 WILL HAPPEN. Please sign up at www.wwrf.ch/wwrf44.html. You will be charged when we know the conditions regarding your choice. The conditions are expected to be clarified mid-May.

The online part will use GoToWebinar.

Why attend the conference?

  • Focus your future strategies by discussing the views of industry leaders
  • Ease future standardisation by harmonising views at the research stage
  • Pick up the trends and new ideas in wireless communication
  • Share insightson research directions and visions to the Wireless World

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Meeting Programme

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Prof Angeliki Alexiou
Mr Bharat Bhatia
Mr Franck Boissière
Mr Alan Carlton
Sudhir Dixit
Dr. Markus Eisenhauer
Mr Simon Fletcher
Mr Satya N. Gupta
Dr. Nigel Jefferies
Prof Peter Lindgren
Dr. Seshardi Mohan
Mr Anders Mynster
Prof Josef Noll
Prof Jens Myrup Pedersen
Dr. Anand Prasad
Mr Steffen Ring
Prof Dimitra Simeonidou
Prof Knud Erik Skouby
Prof Rahim Tafazolli
Mr Markus Wong
Prof Halim Yanikomeroglu


Aalborg University has an agreement with two hotels nearby:

Scandic Sydhavnen; 945 DKK per night excl breakfast

Scandic Sluseholmen; 995 DKK per night excl breakfast

You may book at: www.scandichotels.dk with booking code D000023757

Call for Papers

WWRF being the leading platform for discussions and innovation at the global level is organizing its 44th meeting at Aalborg University, Copenhagen, Denmark, from 29 June - 1 July., and invites authors to submit original manuscripts that will be peer reviewed and if successful, presented at the Forum. Selected papers will also be considered for publication in the IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine and in the journal NBICT. The manuscripts can be on one or more following topics including, but not limited to:

Call Topics

Intelligent applications for vertical industries

Intelligent applications for SMEs

Software-Defined Infrastructure
Core network architectures & protocols
Network architectures
Advanced Radio Technologies

Ultra-Reliable & Low-Latency communications
Tactile Internet
Green Communications & Networking

Social Network-aware applications
Millimeter-Wave Communications

THz communications


Bridging the digital divide through 5G and B5G

Data analytics, AI and machine learning
Cyber-physical systems & networks

5G & beyond technologies, including 6G
Sensor networks & embedded systems Internet-of-Things (IoT)

The Impact of AI/Machine Learning and 5G on Connected Vehicles
Cognitive Internet of Things
Cognitive radio networking
Social Network-aware wireless
Spectrum issues and requirements

Privacy and security

Innovations in business models

Contributions that are accepted for the meeting will be published on the WWRF website (www.wwrf.ch), and the best contributions may form part of a WWRF Outlook (a series of White Papers) or be incorporated into new volumes of the WWRF Book Series.

Important Dates

Submission of extended abstracts


Notification of acceptance


Final papers





Contributors should submit an extended abstract by 4th May 2020 to contributions@wwrf.ch for review. Extended abstracts should be at least two pages in length, either in plain ASCII text, MS Word or Adobe PDF. A template for abstracts or papers is available below. Full papers must be prepared using the WWRF template and should be no longer than ten pages. The list below shows the different working groups (WGs) and Vertical Industry Platforms (VIPs) to which the contributions should be directed:

Temp Abstract Temp Full Paper WGs and VIPs


Please note that, by disclosing information to the WWRF that is deemed nonconfidential, in accordance with Section 8 of the WWRF Articles of Association available below authors grant the WWRF permission to use such information as described in the WWRF copyright license template, available in the box on this page.

Authors must complete and submit a copyright license along with their full paper.

Contributions submitted without a completed and signed copyright license cannot be presented and will not be published in the meeting proceedings or in WWRF’s Book of Visions.  Abstracts do not require a copyright license.

Copyright L AoA

Student Grants

Funding is available to support a number of students presenting papers at the meeting. Application for student funding must be provided with paper submission. The level of grant will depend on available funds, the quality of the paper and the student's country of residence.