October 20 - Prof. Josef Noll

University of Oslo

9am Eastern Standard Time - 14pm (London) - 15pm (Zurich, Berlin)

Seminar presentation slides

Theme: 6G for Digital Inclusion and Catalyst for the SDGs

Though the Mobile Industry has had tremendous success in including about half of the population to the Internet, the digital divide has just become bigger. 5G, Industry4.0, IoT, AI, Smart Cities are mainly technology driven, and do not sufficiently answer the societal challenges.

Knowing that we will only reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) without digital inclusion requires a paradigm shift. Thus, 6G needs to address Digital Inclusion and Sustainable Development: "It is not a question of affordability, it is a question of sustainability to get everyone participating in the digital society".

Free access to information should be a human right. The talk will argue and demonstrate that free access to information («Internet Lite») is viable, affordable, and easy to implement. Having activities in 8 countries, with 5 of them being in Africa, the Foundation has demonstrated that knowledge uptake has substantially increased. Experiences from the roll-out of #InformationSpots in rural Tanzania are presented, supporting the freemium model for access: free access to information to every village, every school, medical dispensary and governmental building to foster digital inclusion and societal empowerment, and premium access for broadband services.

The main focus is on the business model for digital inclusion through the introduction of a National Knowledge Portal. Through the free access to such a Knowledge Portal we can build the base for innovations needed to combat the climate crisis and the need for decent work.

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