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Whether you are a member or not, you can find a large amount of information on the work of the Forum here. The Wireless World Research Forum is the place where the global wireless research community meets to set the future research agenda.


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We have recently published our first book ‘The African Mobile Story’ with River Publishers, our new publishing partner. Here you can find more information about the book, for members it is available as an ebook for download in the members area of this web page. Following on from our successful meeting in Santa Clara, we are now preparing for the second WWRF 5G Huddle in Copenhagen in October, where nearly 200 key figures( do you mean people ) in the development of 5G will give discuss the current status of 5G in Europe and globally.

We will also be launching new working groups to develop key applications for 5G technology in specific vertical markets such as the automotive and health industries.

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Upcoming Events

13.10.2015 - 14.10.2015 WWRF 5G Huddle, Copenhagen, Denmark
11.05.2016 - 13.05.2016 36th Meeting of WWRF in Beijing, China
26.09.2016 - 30.09.2016 37th Meeting of WWRF, Kassel, Germany

Join the WWRF Meeting 35 in Denmark

WWRF will held its 35th Meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark with the theme "Driving 5G Development and Deployment". More information on the meeting web page

WWRF workshop at EUCNC 2015 presentations now available

Presentations from the WWRF workshop on ‘A Business and Enterprise Perspective on the Upcoming 5G Era’ are now available online at http://www.eucnc.eu/?q=node/114, much of which acts as a good introduction to topics to be discussed at the 5G Huddle and WWRF35 meetings later this month.


WWRF was recently invited by Connect-World to write an article for their publication. It is now published

in Connect-World: Europe II (2015) and is free to read on their website at:


Life change, thanks to WWRF

Hi, first of all let me introduce myself. My name is Alejandro, a telecommunications engineer who recently decided to abandon the private sector and joined the public service to actively participate in the engineering and technology challenges that my country, Mexico, faces. Truth be told, this is a transition I started little less than 3 years ago and the World Wireless Research Forum and the people I met at it had an important role to play, so here's the story.

Video from WWRF31 Vancouver

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