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Already we are at the beginning of a new year, and as always it’s a good time to reflect on what we’ve achieved last year. I hope you have had the chance to attend one of our events this year, such as the very successful 5G Huddle in Copenhagen, or caught up on our new Outlook publications. One very important change that was agreed by the Steering Board this year was to establish a new set of Vertical Industry Platforms to enable these industries to take a full role in the development of 5G. These start with VIPs looking at the Connected Car and eHealth, and this year we will extend this to cover manufacturing industry, rural issues, water and rail transport. Meanwhile new technical working groups on network slicing and high-frequency channel modelling are being put together by enthusiastic participants.

I wanted to let you know that the 2016 5G Huddle will take place on 26-27 April in London. More details will be provided soon, but main themes will include the fallout from WRC, more about the vertical industries, and the opportunity to see some 5G technologies in action.

It only remains for me to thank you for your participation and support in WWRF last year, and to wish you a successful 2016


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Memorandum signed with 5GMF

Nigel Jefferies, WWRF Chair was pleased to announce that WWRF has signed a memorandum of understanding with the 5G Mobile Communications Forum (5GMF) of Japan (http://5gmf.jp/en/). 5GMF was recently formed to work on defining requirements for 5G networks and is already producing influential material for the debate on next-generation mobile networks. WWRF next task will be to identify specific areas for joint working with 5GMF, which will form the annex to this agreement. Read more in the press release >>>

WWRF launches new technology Working Group

Following the initial discussion at the 35thmeeting in Copenhagen, WWRF will be launching the first of its new technology working groups in London on 25th of April. This will focus on the End-to-end Network Slicing to support multiple vertical industry and services in one network infrastructure. Members and others interested in attending can contact chairman@wwrf.ch for more details and to request inclusion in the working group mailing list.

WWRF to Host “5G Health Technologies and Applications” workshop

The aim of this 1‐day workshop on 10th of February 2015 is to bring together the stakeholders of the health industry, telecoms industry, IoT manufacturers and academia to discuss collaboration opportunities to design, develop and deliver e/m-­‐Health systems as part of the 5G ecosystem. Read the agenda >>>

WWRF Interaction with ITU-R

WWRF has been following the works, activities and developments within ITU-R and in particular WP5D and WP5A, since its establishment in 2001. These developments and activities have been extensively reported and discussed in WWRF Steering Board >>>

WWRF Launched new Working Group on the Connected Car

The launch meeting for the WWRF Working Group: The Connected Car was held at Kings College London on 11th January 2016. Participants from Huawei, China Mobile, IEEE, SMMT, DLR (German Aerospace Center) and TRL discussed

WWRF has launched a programme known as VIP (Vertical Industry Platform) of developing new working groups to enable better communication between 5G system developers and the vertical industries whose requirements will drive future mobile and wireless communications. This meeting was held at Kings College London on 11th January 2016, and was to launch a working group to address the needs of the vehicular and transport industries. It brought together those who will work in the group, confirmed the scope and objectives of the group, and approved an initial work plan. Members, and partners from the vehicular industries, who would like to participate or find out more, should contact the chairman, Peter Vermaat of TRL (pvermaat@trl.co.uk).

Video from WWRF31 Vancouver

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